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Currently recruiting all classes. See guild requirements in the forums under the general tab.
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Knight Sarcus, Apr 13, 11 7:43 PM.
Hello again everyone.

I hope all of you are enjoying the game and the website.

This week I have gotten a bit lazy. The campground we work at is getting very busy and I'm just kind of burned out.

I did create a Prius forum topic this week. Nitika and I have the game downloaded and are awaiting the release of closed beta on the 28th. We are not leaving but are gonna test it till May 8th to see how it runs. I wanted to put up a forum as well  for all that are going to test the beta so we would have a place to chat about it. I posted in the forum how to find me in game. See you all real soon.

Thanks and as always have fun!!


Welcome everyone to Blood Angels. A good aligned guild on War Of Angels. Please feel free to check us out and look over the site. Non members can see general forums and post and apply to the guild. Feel free to hit us up in game and remember. #1 rule is to have fun and respect others.


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Guild Rules
1. Respect others, Treat others as you would want to be treated.

2. No Bashing of GM's in game or forums and no trashing of Neowiz or any of its employee's

3. Fly the guild tag proudly. Be courteous, kind and helpful to all gamers.

4. Try to keep loot and gold runs within the guild. Not always possible but please try.

5. Help other guild mates. I don't expect you to drop what your doing but if your idle and bored, Someone may need your help.

6. Be careful with language and comments in forums and game. Remember there are young kids etc... that play here.

7. Above all else Have fun.

8. Until guild towns are implemented gold donations to guild are not required. Save it You will need it.

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